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Why NATURAL Supplements and Herbs



Your body functions as a natural system that needs natural ingredients to operate at its best.  Modern diets of over processed foods grown in depleted soil have insufficient essential nutrients.  Combine this with contamination from pesticides, water and air pollution and you are silently robbed of your health. 


Though necessary in emergency situations, medicines today are many times over-utilized. Acute conditions make drugs sometimes necessary when the benefits vs. costs are weighed, but IF you must be careful not to ‘overdose’ for fear of damaging your body or even death, THEN smaller doses cause some damage too.  You have to balance the “cost vs benefits”.


Most natural herbals and supplements have little to no side effect and work to normalize, balance, strengthen and vitalize your body’s natural resistance to disease and enhance your natural healing capacity.  Rather than replacing what your body needs but isn’t making with pharmaceuticals, Natural supplements help re-build your body’s systems so they start supplying what you need, in just the right amounts, at just the right time.  Given the choice, why not give this less invasive (less of a “cost” to your health) avenue a try first, to build a healthy body that does not need drugs to survive?



Vegetable and animal products, concentrated in an easy to take form.  Since these are simply concentrated foods there are no side-effects or dangerous interactions with drugs.  They have natural oils, vitamins, enzymes, amino-acids, micro-nutrients and minerals that supply your body with the missing materials needed to protect and rebuild. 


Natural sources, such as Standard Process’ “Catalyn” made from soil-enhancing, pesticide-free organically-grown products, have a natural, complex blend of known and yet to be discovered nutrients.  They are nutritionally more complete and easier for your body to use than artificial, limited-ingredient multi-vitamins (Centrum, One-A-Day, etc).  This makes them more effective.  Since there is a vast array of food concentrat4es available, a trained health practitioner can help give you a targeted remedy that is unique to your own needs.



Nature has supplied us with a natural means of aiding our bodies in healing.  Many herbs have been used for centuries to successfully treat specific ailments and boost vitality and immunity.  Many in use by non-western cultures are being re-“discovered” by our western society as safe, effective healing alternatives.  Unlike Neutraceuticals, which are purely nutritional, some herbs have pharmacologic activity so a trained health practioner should be consulted prior to their use to avoid any negative reactions. 



Do not assume a medical doctor will know the specifics of herbal medicine.  They are trained in MEDICINE, i.e. drugs and surgery.  The medical system tends to leave out in-depth training in Neutraceutical and Phytoceutical information.  Most Chiropractors also do not know much about herbs and supplements.  There are MD’s and DC’s who do know about this natural healing system have taken extra courses and taken special efforts to educate themselves.  You should first ask how much special training they’ve taken before asking for advice.